Broco Mommy

IDR 159,000.00
Broco Mommy 4 4

Fabric : 100% Cotton

Made in Indonesia
Pattern design in-house by HEYTIMMY

- Simple and practical solution for Mommies' daily comfortable wear. 
- Perfect for use inside house, grocery shopping and outdoor play with kids.
- Available ini one size only (All Size, Fit to L)
- High quality and durable screen printing ink to prevent early color fading.
- Round neck with short sleeve.
- Please slide image to see size chart and product details.

Washing Instructions:

  1. Gentle wash with hand
  2. Wash separately with same color
  3. Use liquid detergen only
  4. Use clean and cold water
  5. Do not bleach
  6. Do not tumble dry
  7. Dry under shade
  8. Do not dry under direct sunlight
  9. Medium heat ironing
  10. Do not iron directly on Print
  11. Use extra layer of fabric when ironing