Miko Navy Cheongsam

IDR 285,000.00

IDR 99,000.00

Fabric: Cotton
Material: 100% Cotton
Manufactured in Indonesia.
[IMPORTANT]: Colour may fade when first time wash. Please wash separately.

Modern long sleeves Cheongsam made from 100% Cotton fabric with Yellow colour list combination and Hand-Knotted Mandarin Buttons. This particular Cheongsam is designed to maximize comfort with the absence of Mandarin Collar but still have a oriental look with its 'kung-fu' style design.

Match this Cheongsam with Eddie Yellow short Pants.

Washing Instructions:
1. Gentle wash with hands
2. Wash separately with same color
3. Use liquid detergen
4. Use clean water
5. Do not bleach
6. Do not tumble dry
7. Low heat ironing
8. Use extra fabric on top when ironing


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